Virus Manufacturing Plant

At-Vio Virus Manufacturing Plant

ATVIO is a part of MaSTherCell global, which include MaSTherCell Europe, MaSTherCell Asia and MaSTherCell USA.

ATVIO is actively establishing a 4000sqm viral vector manufacturing facility by Q2 2020 that will be located at Bar-Lev industrial park in Israel’s northern district, aimed to service cell and gene therapy industry. The manufacturing activities will be conducted according to ISO5-ISO8 (grade A-C) facility, and the processes will be validated and fully documented following the EU and FDA guidelines. ATVIO will utilize its expertise in bioreactors to ensure cost-effective and efficient virus manufacturing.

ATVIO specializes in manufacturing of the following viral vectors:

  • RETROVIRUSES - Mainly used for gene delivery in somatic and germline gene therapies. The viral DNA is integrated into the host DNA. After the incorporation of the DNA, when the cell divides, all the descendants will contain the new gene. Retroviruses can infect only dividing cells.

  • LENIVIRUSES - Part of the Retrovirus family characterized by long incubation period. Lentiviruses vectors have high-efficiency infection of both dividing and non-dividing cells, low immunogenicity and long-term expression stability. These vectors can carry medium size transgenes (8kb)

  • ADENOVIRUSES - These vectors have low host specificity and can deliver up to 38 kb DNA particles. The Adenoviruses vectors can infect both dividing and non-dividing cells. The viral genome does not integrate into the host genome which limiting the stability of the vector.