Global Network

ATVIO was established as a joined venture with Orgenesis Inc. on 2016. At the beginning of 2018, ATVIO became a part of MaSTherCell global network, which includes manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and USA. ATVIO is the technology innovation center of the network that allow the costumers to gain more value when entering the network by creating space to develop and optimize the process during the clinical trials.

ATVIO also offers its unique technology and innovation activity around process engineering to the global cell & gene therapy (CGT) markets to allow companies to improve their processes and make it more efficient during GMP manufacturing.

Using collaborations all over the globe will allow us to team up with some of the greatest minds in the field of CGT and use it for the good of our customers. we create great value in means of time of production, COGs expenses, process development and project management.

ATVIO also play a significant role in designing and implementing the consolidated quality system in the new CGT facilities of the network. Being part of the global network, provides our customers a global reach, ensuring cost efficient global expansion without compromising the product quality.

Moreover, combining forces with our global partners can help to create new technologies to overcome CGT industry challenges and facilitate the growth of therapeutics companies.


At-Vio Global Network