Process Development

ATVIO’s team is comprise of highly skilled cell therapy specialists with years of practical experience in development, optimization and manufacturing.

The team has a significant track record in new technologies adaptation, project management, process development and engineering, technology transfer & cGMP manufacturing of cell therapy products.

We understand that scaling-up both upstream and downstream processes, together with process characterization and optimization are key steps towards efficient and robust manufacturing. ATVIOs team of experts will move your process into closed systems operations to reduce contamination risk. We will also strive to automat as much manual labor as possible to reduce costs and human errors. 

ATVIO together with strategic partners such as Biological Industries will work on optimizing your processes and driving your product to robustness, cost efficiency and success. ATVIO will not only focus on process development for cGMP manufacturing, but on optimizing the main cost drivers and bottlenecks of products and processes. 

ATVIO's unique bioreactor expertise and its strategic relationship with Finesse solutions provides our customers with a unique and efficient manufacturing solutions.

ATVIO will adapt your lab skills into cGMP manufacturing process that meet regulatory demand.

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