Webinar: GMP for Cell Therapies - what you need to know?
Nufar Gross (GM) and Inbar Barzili (QA Director) are presenting the differences in GMP for cell therapy products compared with traditional biotech. The webinar also explores the expertise that is needed to manufacture high quality cell therapy products and how to transition from a typical lab environment to GMP clean rooms.
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We Need Robots to Make the Cancer Meds of the Future

An article written by Amos Zeeberg that highlights the need for automation in cell therapy industry.

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ATVIO celebrates its new facility grand opening

ATVIO will be the technology innovation center of the MasTHerCell global network

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Seeking New Technologies To Advance Personalized Medicine- Bioprocess online


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The BIRD foundation awarded Atvio Biotech and Secant Group a grant to develop an innovative 3D culture platform


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Cell therapy firms and vendors look to automation technologies

An article published by Bioprocess International on one of the biggest challenges in cell therapy industry.

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An interview with Atvio CEO, Ohad Karnieli about the CMOs roll in the cell therapy industry


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ATVIO- Turning Great Ideas to Revolutionary Solutions


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Orgenesis and Atvio Biotech Launch Joint Venture for Gene and Cell Therapy Development Services


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