Process Engineering

At-Vio Process Engineering

At ATVIO we invent, engineer and develop best-in-class custom technologies to streamline and automate cell and gene therapy manufacturing processes of all shapes and sizes.

Our team of specialized engineers will take your current process to the next level – from engineering creative tools to improve operator experience through to development of custom bioreactors, ATVIO’s process engineers deliver unrivalled services found nowhere else in the cell and gene therapy industry.

Beyond our internal proficiencies, ATVIO has strategically partnered with leading industrial-scale engineering firms, allowing our clients to access engineering capabilities that have never been used in custom cell therapy and process development.

By combining ATVIO’s industry experience with its ecosystem of specialized engineering partners, ATVIO has differentiated itself from the core group of CDMOs and is now positioned as the go-to-company for true innovative solutions regardless of size and scope.

Contact us today to learn how ATVIO can bring your manufacturing platform to the next level.  

           Our specialties are:

           1. Specially designed bioreactors

           2. Different carriers’ platforms: microcarriers, packed-bed, injectables and more.

           3. Sensors: pH, DO, temperature, biomass and additional sensors are under development.


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