Management team

Ohad Karnieli (PhD, MBA)
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Karnieli earned his PhD in Biotechnology focusing on Cell & Gene Therapy from the Sacler school of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Haifa University school of management. Dr. Karnieli served in several executive rolls in the field of cell therapy and medical devices with his last position being the VP of Technology & Manufacturing at Pluristem Therapeutics. A well-known expert in the field of cell therapy process development and serves on several industry committees including chairing of the process & product development committee of the International Society for Cell Therapy and an expert member in the ISO TC276 Bioprocessing committee. Dr. Karnieli is the founder of Karnieli Ltd and ADVA Biotechnology.

Vered Caplan
Chair, Board of Directors
Ms. Caplan is a highly experienced executive in the field of cell therapy and medical devices and the Chair and CEO of Orgenesis Inc. Formerly Ms. Caplan was the CEO of Kamedis, GammaCan and a director at Opticul Ltd, Nehora Photonics Ltd Ocure Ltd, Eve Medical Ltd and a biotech investment corp. Ms. Caplan has a M.Sc. in bio-medical engineering from Tel-Aviv University specialized in signal processing; management for engineers from Tel-Aviv University specialized in business development; and a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology specialized in software and cad systems.

Nufar Gross (MSc, MBA)
Chief Operation Officer
Ms. Gross has an M.Sc. in Immunology and an MBA from the University in Haifa, as well as over 8 years of experience in biotech industry. Ms. Gross held the positions of Development Team Leader and Production Line Manager at Pluristem Therapeutics as well as Production Department Manager and Project Manager at Accellta Ltd. Ms. Gross has extensive knowledge in management, employee’s qualification, cGMP manufacturing, technology transfer and bioprocessing.

Noam Bercovich (BSc, Eng)
Director of Development
Mr. Bercovich brings to ATVIO over 12 years of cell therapy experience starting as a development engineer, cGMP staff, cGMP manufacturing team leader, manufacturing line manager and director of process engineering at Pluristem therapeutics. Mr. Bercovich was part of the team that developed the proprietary Pluristem packed bed bioreactor and managed the bioreactor team for over 8 years.

Moshik Lindner (practical engineering)
Maintenance Manager
Mr. Lindner has over 6 years of experience in maintenance of cGMP production facilities at Pluristem therapeutics. Among his roles in Pluristem Mr. Lindner was a cGMP production team member, a safety delegate, designated maintenance representative in the production facility and process development team member. Mr. Lindner brings to ATVIO extensive knowledge and understanding on cleanrooms maintenance and operations and HVAC system management.

Bassam Hosiesy
GMP Supervisor
Mr. Hosiesy is a practical engineer from ORT Braude College of Engineering. Mr. Hosiesy brings to ATVIO over 7 years of cell therapy experience starting as a production Technician at Protalix in Bioreactors and Media filtration process (FDA approval) for 3 years. Production supervisor at Pluristem therapeutics 4 years include upstream downstream and final formulation.

Dr. Moran Hod-Marco (PhD)
QC manager & senior scientist
Mrs. Hod-Marco joined us in January 2018 and brings to Atvio a profound knowledge in immunotherapies and great experience in molecular and biochemistry assays. Before joining Atvio Mrs. Hod-Marco did her PhD and post-doctoral work in the field of T- cell therapies at the Technion- the Israel Institute of Technology. During her studies Moran worked as a lecturer for cell biology and flow cytometry training. Moran serves as Atvio QC manager as well as senior scientist that supports the developmental work of different projects in Atvio.

Moshe (Moish) Cohen
GMP Production Manager and Development Project Leader
Mr. Moshe (Moish) Cohen joined ATVIO in June 2017 and currently holds dual role as GMP Production Manager and Development Project Leader. Moshe is highly experienced manager with proven team leading capabilities as well as cGMP requirements and implementation. Between 2012 and 2017 Moshe served as a Production 3D cell culture technician, cGMP Production Logistics Manager and technology team leader at Pluristem Therapeutics. Moshe Holds an B.Sc. in biology from the University of Haifa.

Shandy Benn
Purchasing & Logistics Manager
Ms. Benn has over 9 years of experience in purchasing. Before joining Atvio as a purchasing & logistics manager, Shandy worked in multiple companies among them, Pluristem therapeutics as a senior buyer for 4 years. During her work she was involved in supplier and raw materials improvement for R&D and production departments. Ms. Benn has a profound knowledge in qualifying suppliers for the cell therapy industry as well as in negotiation and cost savings management. Ms. Benn has Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) from the Netanya academic college. Shandy helps to implement the quality concepts that are so important in this filed into Atvio’s relationship with its suppliers.

Michal Blumenfeld
QC & Development
Mrs. Blumenfeld has over 9 years of experience in the cell therapy industry. Previously Michal worked in MGVS (a cell therapy company) as a production specialist. During that period, Michal gained great knowledge and skills related to working in a GMP environment. In the last 4.5 years Michal worked at Pluristem therapeutics as a research scientist and was in charge of building release assays and technology transfer processes to the QC. During her work in Pluristem Mrs. Blumenfeld also took part in new products characterization for the company pipeline. Mrs. Blumenfeld joined Atvio in February 2018 as a QC and development scientist and brings to Atvio a lot of experience in tissue culture and cell characterisation methods. Mrs Blumenfeld has a BSc. Degree in biotechnology from Ort Braude College of Engineering.

Hadi Basha
Mr. Basha joined Atvio in December 2017. Hadi has over 5 years of cell therapy experience as a R&D bioreactor technician at Protalix and production employee at Pluristem therapeutics. In his last role, Hadi served as the production logistics team leader, a role which require both task and team management. Mr. Basha brings to Atvio profound knowledge and great experience in large scale bioreactors, filtration processes and cleanroom operations and GMP environment. Mr. Basha is a practical engineer from ORT Braude College of Engineering.

Reem Miari
Head of Gene Therapy & Virus production
Ms. Reem Miari has over 20 years of experience in leading innovative research and development projects in gene therapy and the biotech industry. During the last ten years, Ms. Miari was a senior research and development group leader at Medgenics Israel, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing an innovative and proprietary platform technology for treatment of rare diseases. Prior positions include project manager at GeneGrafts Ltd and working as a leading scientist in Biogenics Ltd., Carmel Biosensors and Migal. Ms. Miari has published a number of articles in peer review journals and filed a number of issued patents. Having earned a B.Sc from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and M.Sc in Human Biology from Haifa University, Reem Miari is currently a PhD candidate at Human Genentech specializing in diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer.